Become Tailwind Hero

from Zero

Learn everything you need to know about Tailwind CSS. This crafted tutorial series is designed for integrating Tailwind into WordPress, and we will deep dive into the setup specific to visual builders.

Explored topics

Customising your defaults

Tailwind is a giant, and that can be overwhelming. I will teach you how to tailor Tailwind to fit your defaults, providing you with the perfect blueprint for every project.

Builders integration

Many users have given up on Tailwind as they struggle with visual builders instead of embracing defaults. In the current tutorials, you will learn the best practices for overwriting or extending your builders.

Removing redundancies and repetitions

Learn how to investigate what elements you’ll reuse in your design and prepare them for global updates.

Tailwind Plugins

One of Tailwind CSS’s strongest features is its plugins. They enable you to extend functionality without altering the base framework, covering everything from typography and forms to animations and interactions.

Custom Classes

Learn how to create classes that will be removed if not reused. Unlike other frameworks limited by class bloat, Tailwind CSS benefits from removing unused classes if used correctly, helping clean up CSS files.

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